Atbalsti savu vietējo dīdžeju

Latvian charity DJ marathon online

Isolation is heartbreaking for all of us. DJs, musicians and performance artists are one of the most vulnerable parts of society. Gigs are cancelled, clubs, bars, and other venues are closed with no open date. At the same time, electronic music was always uniting phenomena and DJs - live magnets for their communities. They are ready to help us to experience social solidarity even in the time of physical isolation. project, V.K., and Sergey Snegirev with support from T.Studio decided to unite forces to set up ‘Latvian charity DJ marathon online’. More than 20 DJs from Latvia already signed up to perform online in non-stop cue from their homes. Organizers will help DJ’s with the equipment they miss and will help with technical support. The team is planning to make an event recurrent and the first stream will be live on the 14th of April on all major streaming platforms (Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook)

Everyone can make a donation and send a highlighted message right into the stream. You can make a donation here or buy one of our T-shirt. All gathered funds will be distributed between DJ’s who have DJ’ing as the main source of income. The goal is to gather 1000 EUR!